Raven Heart Healing Arts has grown out of the studies that I have undertaken for the past 20 years.

I have been studying systems of healing and ancient spiritual traditions for a long time- and I’m glad to be  sharing it with others. Our world needs change – what humanity is doing is not sustainable in terms our well being, or that of the earth’s.

The more healing work we do and the more we learn about the etheric, energetic world that overlays our own, the more the balance shifts for the better.


My name is Evdokia LaFey. I practice energy healing and the ways of the ancient traditions of Europe- the counterpart to the shamanic traditions of North and South America. Through my energy work and workshops, I feel honoured to share what I’ve been called to learn- for the healing and transformation of ourselves, which leads to the healing and transformation of our world.

Bio: As a child, Evdokia dreamed of being a doctor or a fairy sorceress. Twenty years of study in holistic health, energy work and spiritual traditions of magic have helped her find a way to distill both dreams into their essence with Raven Heart Healing Arts. She is honoured to help individuals and groups bring transformation to their lives and awaken to magic in the world. In her healing work, the most amazing thing has been to witness people let go of their self-defeating patterns, and go on to accomplish what they once thought was impossible.

Evdokia’s studies have included Holistic Health Practitioner Training at the Transformational Arts College, a year-long apprenticeship to become a Reiki Master, as well as Sekhem, shamanic healing, and traditional shamanic teachings for women.

Evdokia feels most at home when moving ‘between worlds’ and is collecting frequent flyer miles from her many journeys to the spirit realm.tree