Looking Back on Last Year

The Goddess Rocks: A Circle for Badass Babes and Witchy Women

venus statue

The Goddess Rocks is for women who are ready to step outside of the box of modern society, and into the sacred circle of community. When women gather, magic happens!

There will be regular themed gatherings where we’ll use various methods of connecting to the Sacred Feminine: movement, ecstatic dance, journeying, ceremonial work, full moon gatherings, etc.

Our world needs the power of the Sacred Feminine now more than ever. The Goddess within can rock our lives and reboot the world – care to join the revolution? ; )

Friday May 27, 2016; 7-9pm

Cost: Free

Location: private studio in the Junction (Keele & Dundas West), Toronto

(Address to be sent upon registration.)

Space is limited. Please pre-register to attend: info@ravenhearthealingarts.com

A Celebration of the Sacred Feminine: The Festival of Bast


This is the premiere event of The Goddess Rocks- a series of events for women to connect with the Divine Feminine, and experience Her transformative energy.

Sun. May 29, 4-7pm
To register: E-mail info@ravenhearthealingarts.com to ensure a spot. Space is limited.
Cost: $30 at the door, $22 in advance (by e-transfer/Paypal)
(under/unemployed: PWYC)

Location: private studio in the Junction (Keele & Dundas West), Toronto

(Address to be sent upon registration.)

Space is limited. Please pre-register to attend: info@ravenhearthealingarts.com

Connecting with the energy of Bast can help us:
– receive a blessing for our cats, and ask for protection for stray/feral cats
– be fully and sensually embodied
– bring more pleasure and sovereignty into our lives
– have strong boundaries – ever met a cat that wasn’t crystal clear about what they want and don’t want? ; )

This event will include:
– An introduction to the history of Bast, the much-loved, cat-headed Goddess of Egypt
– Connecting with Her powerful energy through guided meditation, movement, and ecstatic dance
– sharing a potluck (think feline and lip-smackingly good; creamy, cheesy, yummy. But we’ll hold off on birds and mice!)
– a brief oracle reading for participants
– Suggested take-home practices to connect further with Bast , as well as to woo our feline feminine selves!

Mermaid Gathering:  a circle for women to explore the watery, mysterious realm of the mermaid, undine and siren. The theme for the first circle is The Mermaid’s Journey to Heart’s Desire. We’ll connect deeply with our mermaid selves, explore how to undertake the journey towards our heart’s desire, and begin to create a community of magickal, majestic mermaids. : )

Date: Sun. Oct. 19, 2014; 12-2pm

Location: Yonge & Wellesley, Toronto; private healing studio – please RSVP for address.
Cost is PWYC (suggested donation: $10-20).
Space is limited: please RSVP and location will be sent to you directly.

For more information, please contact: info@ravenhearthealingarts.com

Faerie Gathering:  a circle to explore the mysterious world of the fey. We’ll learn meditation techniques to connect with the Faerie Realm, and begin to create a community of faerie allies. : )

Date: Thur. Oct. 23, 2014; 7-9pm

Location: Bloor & Spadina, Toronto;  please RSVP for address.
Cost is PWYC (suggested donation: $10-15).
Space is limited: please RSVP and location will be sent to you directly.

For more information, please contact: info@ravenhearthealingarts.com

An Introduction to the Realm of the Mermaids


Side effects of entering this world can include:
-deepening your creative work
-opening to healing and inspiration in your life
-awakening your goddess energy and connecting with your sensual self

Date & Time: Thur. July 24, 2014; 7-8:30pm

Location: The Annex, Toronto (Address to be sent upon registration)

Cost: Free!

To Register: contact info@ravenhearthealingarts.com


Upcoming Events at Raven Heart Healing Arts!

Hi everyone,

I’m happy to announce a new series of events: the Goddess Rocks! As you may be able to guess the theme is one of my passions: The Sacred Feminine.

There will be regular circles starting up for women, as well as workshops and ceremonies. Please check out my News and Events page for more info!

When women gather, magick happens. Hope to see you there, Goddesses! Mwah.

goddess circle 2



Love Notes from the Heart of the Raven

Creating community around the Sacred Feminine… and relevance to women in the modern world (May 25, 2016)

Venus 2

Recently, I received a big surprise. Last week I had started up a Meetup group (Goddess Paths in Toronto) for exploring and engaging with the Sacred Feminine in community. I was expecting perhaps 12-15 people to join out of curiosity, and that only a few of those would attend events in the future. Much to my delight, 40 members have joined in the last week! There have already been a few reservations for events I have coming up this weekend, even with such short notice. This really does my heart good to see such an interest!

Since beginning my studies through the Glastonbury Goddess Temple a year and a half ago, I have been telling my teacher and fellow students that England and other areas of Europe seem far more resonant with the Divine Feminine than North America. There are permanent temples, pop-up temples, mystery schools and Goddess ceremonies galore. One of my sisters from the program just opened a public temple dedicated to Venus in Rome – the stronghold of Catholicism! I couldn’t be prouder of her!

But I began to despair that what I was learning would have limited avenues of expression back home. Yes, in Toronto and throughout North America, there are many people who have been involved with Goddess communities, pagan traditions, Wicca, witchcraft, etc. But it felt like this interest was limited to very specific groups and individuals, and it was as far from the mainstream as you could get. It feels like there’s a long way to go before the Goddess path is as known and accepted in the Western world as a spiritual system like Buddhism or yoga. But, from what I’ve seen, it’s already begun.

There are programs popping up like never before, as well as circles, seasonal celebrations, and workshops. When I was in university and for years after, it was very challenging to find either a teacher or a group to work with. To see more opportunities arising for people to experience the Feminine face of the Divine is something I was worried I would not see in my lifetime… So I’m feeling pretty pleased as punch at this moment. : )

My experience of the Sacred Feminine is the creative life force of the universe- lush, powerful and loving, and carrying the energy of healing, transformation and inspiration. Many of us have some kind of experience with Spirit, be it:
-some unseen and benevolent force, guiding and helping us through dreams, signs, synchronicity
– something powerful and bigger than us that comes through us in our creative self-expression
– something uplifting and healing that we experience through love, compassion and kindness

This ‘something’ can be experienced in many ways, but to experience it as the Sacred Feminine is so incredibly significant for women. Actively engaging with the Sacred Feminine has helped me and so many women:
– release a lot of baggage and negative energy from growing up in a world that has not been particularly supportive of women, or a feminine approach to life
– experience our feminine selves as beautiful, powerful and important in the world
– understand the sacred nature of sensuality, sexuality and embodiment, i.e. being fully present in our female bodies, and not rejecting any part of them for not being ‘perfect’ (ha!)

I believe most of us crave a lot more of this in our lives, and some long to taste it for the very first time. Are you thirsting for this kind of world as you read this? I surely am – I hope you’ll join me at a future event to experience this for yourself, whether it’s for the first time or the hundredth!

Fair warning: one taste may lead to another and another, until you find yourself drinking deep. Goddess energy is an intoxicating elixir, and it will change you!
Side effects include:
– powerful, inspiring thoughts and ideas leading you to something new and exciting in your life
– speaking and living your truth
– feelings of beauty, enchantment and sacred, sensual embodiment
– fierce optimistic devotion to your life and your truest self

The first 2 events are happening this week- On Friday May 27 there will be a Goddess Circle, and on Sunday May 29 I’m very pleased to be presenting a Celebration of the Sacred Feminine known as the Festival of Bast. Please check out event details on my News and Events page. You can also find me on Facebook (Raven Heart Healing Arts) and Meetup.com (Goddess Paths in Toronto). Hope to see you there, Goddesses!


Kia LaFey

The Birth of Raven Heart Healing Arts (Oct 6, 2014)

Hi everyone,

I’m very happy & excited to be starting up my healing practice at long last! I combine various healing arts that I’ve learned (Reiki, Sekhem & shamanic healing) into a unique and powerful healing system.

I also plan to teach workshops in different topics: Reiki, seeing faeries, dream work, working with spirit guides, and different aspects of the pagan arts (for seekers who are interested in the Goddess, faerie craft, and so much more) . I also feel that ongoing groups can be the best way to learn and have support as you heal & grow, so I plan to offer this as well.

The world is changing, because it needs to change – people are opening up to new possibilities and ideas, like never before. I’m excited to be a part of that change in any way I can. I look forward to sharing what I know about the world of healing and transformation – and it’s a hell of a ride. ; )

Hugs & blessings,

Evdokia LaFey

New Offerings at Raven Heart Healing Arts!

New offerings at Raven Heart Healing Arts!
Shamanic Dream-work
Dreams are the soul’s way of sending a message to our minds. Dreaming holds a rich resevoir of guidance, power and healing for you, if you know how to access it. Through a fusion of shamanic techniques, intuitive arts and dream interpretation, we can mine your dream for the gold within.
A Taste of Dreamwork: $40 for 30 minutes (introductory offer)
1 hour: $60 (includes energy healing, and report of findings to be sent after session)
3 sessions: $150
New offering!
Shamanic Oracle Readings
Oracle readings use techniques of divination (tarot, oracle decks, runes, scrying) to receive messages about a person’s life. Guidance can be received for the best approach for challenging areas in one’s life, answers to specific questions and guidance about one’s path overall. Through a fusion of shamanic techniques, intuitive arts and divination, we can capture a picture of the ideal outcome for you, and the actions to take to achieve this.
A Taste of Divination: $20 for 15 minutes or $40 for 30 minutes (introductory offer)
1 hour: $60 (includes energy healing, and report of findings to be sent after session)
3 sessions: $150

Raven Heart Healing Arts

ravenheart---logo2ab (2)Coming Soon:  Our Heart of the Raven newsletter with information about upcoming events, special offers & free giveaways… Sign up today!

Welcome to Raven Heart Healing Arts!

If you would like to discover the world’s hidden magick…
If you’re feeling out of sync with your true self and your life purpose…
or you’re just in need of a little healing balm for your spirit…
you are most welcome here!

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come.”

– Jalaluddin Rumi