Healing Sessions

Kia Raven Heart
All of the work that I do is based in energy healing. In my studies in holistic health, I have learned the cornerstone of natural healing: that physical health is based on the other systems of the body (emotional, mental and energetic). If you affect one, you can affect the rest. 
Healing sessions involve discussion about the area you’d like help with, the energy work itself, and feedback about what was found, and any intuitive messages received.

Healing work can help in such  areas as:
– relief from physical discomfort, pain
– releasing old emotional energy, woundedness
– clearing negative patterns (mental, karmic)
– changing a situation that you see no way out of (by shifting energetically, and receiving help from spirit allies)

Outcomes can include:
– a sense of release from the past, being able to more forward fully into the present
– a sense of balance, wellness – physically, emotionally, mentally
– a sense of connectedness with your spirit, Higher Self
– transforming a negative situation (work, relationships, money, health, etc.)

Types of Energy Work Available:

New offering – Shamanic Dream-work
Dreams are the soul’s way of sending a message to our minds. Dreaming holds a rich reservoir of guidance, power and healing for you, if you know how to access it. Through a fusion of shamanic techniques, intuitive arts and dream interpretation, we can mine your dream for the gold within.
A Taste of Dream-work:
$40 for 30 minutes (introductory offer)
1 hour: $60 (includes energy healing, and report of findings to be sent after session)
3 sessions: $150
New offering – Shamanic Oracle Readings
Oracle readings use techniques of divination (tarot, oracle decks, runes, scrying) to receive messages about a person’s life. Guidance can be received for the best approach for challenging areas in one’s life, answers to specific questions and guidance about one’s path overall. Through a fusion of shamanic techniques, intuitive arts and divination, we can capture a picture of the ideal outcome for you, and the actions to take to achieve this.
A Taste of Divination:
$20 for 15 minutes or $40 for 30 minutes (introductory offer)
1 hour: $60 (includes energy healing, and report of findings to be sent after session)
3 sessions: $150
Reiki (translation: Universal Life Energy):
A Japanese healing system that draws healing energy from the Universe; energy is channeled by the practitioner to the receiver for healing and balancing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Ultimately, healing work is directed by the receiver’s own energy system.
This work is powerful, rejuvenating and can be deeply transformational. Reiki is a gentle, but powerful introduction to the world of energy healing.
Energy healing system with roots in Egypt. The focus is opening the heart, and releasing emotional wounds of the past. Energy goes where it needs to go in your body, and helps you to feel and then release any old, stuck energy that is keeping you from moving forward, and living fully. Sekhem blends very well with Reiki, and enhances any healing work.
Shamanic Healing:
Healing system as taught by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, based on the work of anthropologist Michael Harner.
Shamanic healing work can include:
– retrieving power animals (bringing the client an animal ally from the spirit realm, which brings assistance and wholeness)
– soul retrieval (bringing the client a piece of themselves they left behind in their past due to trauma, sorrow, pain, etc.; brings healing and wholeness)
– extraction (removing negative energy/attachments from the client’s energy system)
 – discovering soul purpose (getting in touch with the client’s Higher Self, for receiving guidance for their life path)
Shamanic Reiki:
This healing work is a blend of techniques from all the energy work I’ve studied – shamanic healing, Reiki and Sekhem. The work is customized depending on your needs.

This is a very powerful approach for anyone who’s ready to transform any stuck/negative areas of their life, and sail fully into the future with a clear sense of purpose and an open heart.


Reiki/Blend of Reiki and Sekhem:
1 hour: $100
3 sessions: $250
Shamanic Healing:
1.5 hours: $150
3 sessions: $375
Shamanic Reiki (Fusion of Shamanic Healing & Reiki):
1.5 hours: $150
3 sessions: $375

Sliding scale available- please inquire.

 Distance Healing:

Any healing work I do can be done at a distance. We communicate first by e-mail regarding the issue, then set up a time for healing work. We talk by Skype before and after the healing session. Distance healing never ceases to amaze me – it’s just as powerful as in person, and allows clients to receive healing work they need anywhere they may be, without inconvenience.


Testimonial for Distance Healing: 

I was apprehensive about my approaching call with Kia, but I shouldn’t have been!

In a call that was beautifully held as a safe space, and also laced with humour, Kia led me through her process in a way that let me know she truly cared. Rarely have I so immediately connected with someone I’ve never met whilst on a Skype call. 

I’d had such a graphically awful dream that felt like being in a horror movie, with myself at the centre of the action. My dream was explored in such a respectful, yet matter-of-fact and supportive way, that it allowed the meaning and depth of it to emerge, which was a great relief. It also brought with it the realisation that though I’d had such an instant and gut-wrenching reaction to my dream, I was actually being communicated with by my subconscious, and it was all OK.

Immense gratitude to you Kia, for your thorough and insightful drawing-out – I feel a complete resolve now, and no residual effects from the dream at all.

Tamara Protassow, writer and writing coach

If you would like to discuss how energy healing, dreamwork or oracle readings can help you with an issue,  please feel free to contact me: info@ravenhearthealingarts.com. I’d also be happy to set up a free consultation by phone or Skype.