Workshops & Training

If you are interested in any of these offerings, please contact me.


A Taste Of Magick: Intro workshops
  1. Trekking the Pixiedust Trails: A Beginner’s Guide to Seeing Faeries
  2. Diving Deep: Connecting with Mermaids & Undines
  3. Unleashing Venus: How the Goddess can Reboot your Life & Rock the World
  4. True Magick & Sacred Spellcraft 101 (This Ain’t No Hogwarts Academy!) 
  5. Dream Archaeology: Excavating the Life you are Meant to Live & the You you’re Meant to Be!
  6. Divine Posse Power: Discovering your Spirit Guides and Guardians
 (2.5 hours, $45)

Reiki Training
(Can be done for individuals and small groups)
Level I: Introduction to Reiki healing.

Topics include History, Principles of Reiki, best practices for healing sessions for Level I.

1 day workshop: $200

This workshop includes energetic attunements into Reiki healing, and practicing healing work. Certificate will be presented.

Level II: A deeper exploration of Reiki healing

Topics include Symbols (Meanings and Applications), best practices for healing sessions for Level II.

1 day workshop: $250

This workshop includes energetic attunements into Reiki healing, and practicing healing work. Certificate will be presented.

Level III: Reiki Apprenticeship and Mastery

To raise your energy frequency to this level, and for the changes after the attunements, it is ideal to do level III training over a period of time. To be a teacher and/or a practitioner of Reiki at this level of healing, it is a gift to yourself to prepare for the attunement as much as possible.

The structure of the apprenticeship is:
– a monthly Reiki healing session
– a monthly lesson in person (including take-home exercises and recommended readings, meditations, etc.)

Lessons include:
  • Healing though working with chakras
  • Developing intuitive arts for healing work and in life
  • Working with healing guides
  • Deeper work with Reiki symbols (in life as well as healing sessions)
  • Best practices for doing Reiki healing sessions (from setting up the space to reporting findings to client)
  • Incorporating other healing modalities and/or intuitive arts into Reiki sessions

Lessons are tailored to the individual student, depending on their needs (i.e. if they wish to practice/teach, or if they are learning Reiki for their own healing and development; or a combination of both)

The apprenticeship includes mentoring about healing work and your own personal development.

Cost is $1600 for 12 months. Payment plan is optional: $150/month

To discuss further,  a consultation in person or by phone/Skype will need to be set up.

Mystery School Training & Mentorship (for Individuals or Small Groups):
Faerie Craft: discover the hidden world of Faerie!
Learn to communicate with the Sidhe; partner with faerie guides to bring magick back into your life and the world; awaken to the spirit of the land!
(7 month program: monthly 2 hour training)
Cost is $700 for 7 months. Payment plan is optional: $120/month
True Magick & Divine Witchery: Reawaken to the mystical nature of the universe;
learn the art of sacred spellcraft; partner with the universe and your guides to be a source of healing and transformation in the world.
(1 year programs: monthly 2.5 hour training)
1) The Craft: Initiation (1st degree)
2) The Craft: Leadership and Sacred Service (2nd degree)
3) The Craft: Shamanic Studies (3rd degree)
Cost is $1440 for 12 months (equivalent to $120/month). Payment plan is optional: $150/month
The Mysteries of Avalon:  enter a realm of mystery and magick!
Explore the mystical energies of Avalon. Discover the true identity of Morgan le Fay as a powerful being of healing. Explore Avalon through seasonal festivals and lunar energies.
(1 year program: monthly 3 hour training)
Cost is $1800 for 12 months (equivalent to $150/month). Payment plan is optional: $180/month